Black Entrepreneurs
Resource Centre

The Black Entrepreneurs Resource Centre, powered by the CanadianSME Small Business Magazine, is a pivotal platform dedicated to empowering and fostering the growth of Black-owned businesses across Canada. They provide a host of resources and tools designed to address the unique challenges that Black entrepreneurs face, with the goal of promoting economic empowerment within the Black community.

Black Entrepreneurs Resource Centre ​

The centre offers a plethora of educational materials, training resources, and developmental programs that equip entrepreneurs with the vital skills to effectively manage and grow their enterprises.

By hosting various networking events, the centre enables Black entrepreneurs to form strong connections, share innovative ideas, draw lessons from shared experiences, and uncover potential collaborations.

The Resource Centre curates information on various funding opportunities tailored for Black entrepreneurs and offers expert guidance in navigating and applying for these financial resources.

The centre connects emerging entrepreneurs with experienced business professionals, fostering mentorship relationships that offer personalised advice, strategic guidance, and moral support.

Leveraging its partnership with the CanadianSME Small Business Magazine, the Centre offers Black entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain recognition and visibility, leading to expanded business opportunities.

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Explore the Best Available Resources for

Black SMBs and StartUps

The Black Business Initiative (BBI) was founded in 1996 by the Government of Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia to address the unique needs confronting Nova Scotia’s Black business community. Since then, our organization has grown into a catalyst for job creation, equitable participation, and advancing the economic prosperity across Canada.
We are the Black Opportunity Fund, and we believe in the potential of every Black Canadian. We get dollars into the hands of organizations and people across the country who are supporting Black communities. We Back Black.
Tribe Network’s Black Start-Up Project is a unique program to provide Black entrepreneurs and business owners in Atlantic Canada with access to services and opportunities in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem to help START, BUILD and ACCELERATE their business.
Innovate Calgary has been the innovation transfer and business incubator centre for the University of Calgary for over 30 years, fostering entrepreneurship and bringing new technological discoveries to the world.
Our mission is to develop your leadership skills. From managers in the private and public sector, to entrepreneurs, and small business owners, we have something for you. Through a diversified selection of training materials, courses, and resources, pick and choose what you need to develop your skill set. Make an investment in yourself.
At BKR Capital, we want funding to be more accessible to innovative companies led by black teams to build wealth for our community and enrich the venture capital space. Our vision is to create a business ecosystem that is more inclusive, from a portfolio perspective - through a wider number of black-led companies receiving catalytic funding, and from an investors perspective - through a wider number of young black professionals trained to become investment managers.
Underrepresented communities continue to face barriers in accessing lucrative entrepreneurship opportunities created by Canada's burgeoning technology-driven innovation sector. Black entrepreneurs in particular encounter steep challenges when starting and growing a business - from accessing seed capital to having fewer publicly recognized role models - making business support for Black-owned tech startups crucial to close the opportunity gap.


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