The Yukon Small Business Guide:

The Complete Set of Resources for Establishing and Managing a Business in Yukon

This guide serves as a comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs who are looking to set up, run and expand their small businesses in the Yukon region. The CanadianSME Small Business Hub is committed to delivering essential tools, resources, and insights for navigating every phase of your entrepreneurial journey. The Yukon Small Business Guide provides holistic support and advice necessary for the successful establishment and transitioning of businesses in the province.

Yukon Small Business Guide

Yukon is renowned for its pristine natural landscapes, rich heritage, and thriving local communities, thereby providing an exceptional setting conducive to the inception and growth of startups and small enterprises. The expanding industries within the region offer a plethora of prospects for aspiring business owners.

The regional economy of Yukon is now gradually diversifying. With key sectors such as mining, tourism, and the cultural craft industries, this unexplored territory is slowly gaining traction from the government and international market as well. And this is precisely why this region offers a varied landscape offers numerous business opportunities and potential.

Yukon’s geographical location plays an important role in magnifying its untapped market potential despite being remotely placed. It acts as a strategic buffer zone because of its proximity to the most important markets of Northern America, namely Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Entrepreneurs can actually gain a lot by establishing businesses in this region, as it offers access to these markets.

The best part is that this province has a skilled workforce with exceptional characteristics like proficiency with adequate focus on research and development. This gives Yukon an edge over its counterparts which may have to rely on external sources for the supply of skilled labour. 

The Yukon government actively promotes a conducive environment for businesses by incentivizing it. They encourage entrepreneurs by offering a range of grants and funding programs that are specifically designed to foster business growth, innovation, and sustainability.

At $1,498 per year, Yukon has a cost of living that is 1.13 times lower than the national average in Canada. The Yukon was rated the 12th greatest place to live in Canada and the 11th most expensive. The total population of the region is about 37,000 and Yukon’s capital, Whitehorse, is the only region that has a major chunk of its residents which is roughly 28,000, that’s almost 75% of them! And that’s not all, the natural beauty and landscapes are an added bonus apart from the amiable and warm people. 

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CanNor works with Northerners and Indigenous peoples, communities, businesses, organizations, other federal departments and other orders of government to help build diversified and dynamic economies that foster long-term sustainability and economic prosperity across the territories – Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon.
dänä Näye Ventures is a Yukon-based, First Nation-controlled institution that provides business development and financial services to all people throughout Yukon and in the Northern British Columbia communities of Atlin, Good Hope Lake and Lower Post.


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