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The Path to True Inclusivity for Women

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s essential to recognize the incredible strides female entrepreneurs have made in shaping successful businesses worldwide. Yet, amidst our celebrations, it’s equally crucial to acknowledge the ongoing journey toward true inclusion.

Despite significant progress, barriers persist, hindering women’s access to funding and opportunities. These challenges aren’t solely external; intrinsic barriers also play a role. Our mindset shapes how we perceive ourselves in the business landscape—sometimes limiting our dreams or affecting our ability to negotiate and advocate for what we deserve.

Today, however, we find ourselves in a different era. There’s a heightened focus on social justice, shedding light on the disparities faced by women, especially those from marginalized groups. But herein lies our opportunity—this is a time when we can harness our power, reaffirm our sense of belonging, and assert our worthiness of every opportunity that comes our way.

By recognizing and overriding any self-imposed limitations, we pave the way for true inclusivity. Together, we can challenge the status quo, ensuring that every woman feels empowered to pursue her dreams, unencumbered by societal constraints.

Let us stand united, unwavering in our belief that we belong in every space and every opportunity. Together, we can be the driving force for change, shaping a future where every woman–regardless of background or circumstance–can thrive and feel empowered in every endeavour she pursues.  Let’s make inclusion more than a buzzword, it should be a lived reality for all.

Happy International Women’s Day 2024!

Laura K. Williams

Managing Partner, Williams HR Law LLP

Laura has built two highly respected firms which provide proactive HR law and HR consulting advice designed to minimize workplace law challenges, maximize employee engagement and boost bottom line performance.

Laura is also a seasoned workplace investigator, routinely engaged to conduct complex workplace investigations, and organizational reviews and is recognized for specific expertise in investigations related to equity, diversity and inclusion.

As a professional speaker, Laura regularly delivers keynote talks on topics relevant to
entrepreneurs, business leaders, HR professionals and lawyers.


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