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William Goldbloom
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I conduct workplace assessments and investigations to help employers prevent, address and resolve issues related to discrimination, physical, verbal and psychological harassment, violence, poisoned environments and bullying.

I also provide mediation services to help people resolve workplace disputes and interpersonal conflict.

Area of Expertise

It all starts with a concern

A potential violation of a workplace policy, interpersonal conflict, or bullying. Anything that makes an employee feel like something isn’t right.
If an employee doesn’t feel comfortable reporting the concern to their manager or HR, they can contact their Canary Advisor.

Book an appointment with a Canary advisor

Employees can either call their Canary Advisor or book an appointment with their Canary Advisor online. They are usually available within 24 hours.

Discuss the concern and get support

The employee will discuss their concerns with their Canary Advisor and get advice and support on how to resolve their concerns in a way that makes sense for them.
The call will be entirely confidential and off-the-record except for any non-identifying information the employee wants to report to their employer.

Concern mitigation and prevention

Once the call is over, an employer representative will receive a notification. The representative can log into their Canary Dashboard and see the type of concern that was raised during the call, as well as some insights on how the concern may be addressed.

Services Offered

Real People

Every employee can access a Canary Advisor – an experienced workplace conflict coach

Enhanced Privacy

Since the Canary Advisor reports concerns to the employer, employees can’t accidentally identify themselves

Helpful Data

Employers get access to reports that show employees concerns to help guide their people strategy

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