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With over two decades of experience in the financial industry, I have a passion for improving the financial world through innovative and disruptive technologies. As an Alumni Mentor at Accelerator Centre, I share my insights and expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs and startups who are developing cutting-edge solutions in the fintech sector. As CEO of SmartConcil, I have learned to combine my experience in the financial sector with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to create secure, efficient and easy-to-use web applications for new generations of financial users. I led a team of talented people who delivered high-quality products that met the needs and expectations of our clients and partners. I am also a certified blockchain mechanism designer and a scrum master, which enables me to design, develop, and deliver web applications that are scalable, reliable, and user-friendly. My mission is to empower people with financial well-being and freedom through technology.

Area of Expertise

SmartConcil began as a solution to solve the reconciliation problem of one of our clients: the lack of integration and automation in their operations and financial data. After implementing our platform, we realized that this problem was very common within the financial sector, so we decided to target this industry. Later, based on further research and customer success, it became clear that this problem was present in multiple industries and needed to be addressed. SmartConcil had found its purpose.

Services Offered

With the technological acceleration that the world has experienced in recent months, companies are increasingly interconnected with financial platforms, and they make automated decisions about products and services based on data on financial behavior.

Our vision is to be the technological partner that helps companies interconnect with financial platforms to facilitate communication and access to financial services.

Our mission is to be the first choice of financial reconciliation software, offering a modular approach that simplifies financial decisions for our clients and eliminates repetitive manual and error-prone processes.


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