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Sahand Sojoodi
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An experienced technology company builder. I love innovative business models and working with fast-paced, high-impact teams.

As Managing Director of Integral Consulting, I work with clients on how to transform their business using digital and cloud software.

Previously, I have assembled digital product teams at larger enterprises such as TD Securities, Equitable Bank; I have co-founded a couple of companies: sales-enablement SAAS company named Gopher Leads and Extreme Innovations, a “startup foundry” that created technology startups; I have architected, programmed and shipped products in Semiconductor, Enterprise, Mobile and Web technology settings.

Area of Expertise

At Integral Software Consulting, we specialize in delivering tailored data integration, business management applications, CRM, and AI-enabled solutions for midsize manufacturers, supply chain and industrial companies, financial institutions, and technology firms. Our Toronto-based principals have been committed to understanding the unique operational challenges of various industries and helping them achieve success since 2008.

Our Expertise:

  • Custom Data Management Solutions
  • Web-based Business Management Applications
  • AI-Focused Software Applications
  • Custom CRM Development & Integration
  • Streamlined Process Improvements

Services Offered

Targeted Solutions for Diverse Industries

Manufacturers, Supply Chain & Industrial Companies: We focus on delivering innovative solutions tailored to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability within the manufacturing and logistics sectors.

Financial Institutions: Our expertise in data management and process improvements enables financial firms to optimize their operations and achieve better compliance, risk management, and customer experience.

Technology Companies: We help technology firms accelerate software development by providing custom solutions, seamless integration, and streamlined processes to drive growth.

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