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Rasheed Walizada
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Rasheed Walizada is a social entrepreneur. Specializing in helping businesses and organizations grow by value building.

Rasheed Walizada is the publisher and founder of Canadian Business Owner magazine and founder of Multicultural Entrepreneurs Business Community.

Rasheed has 20+ years of experience in helping businesses in multiple industries with growth strategy design and implementation. Rasheed provides business consulting, advisory, and training services.

Area of Expertise

What We Do:

  • Publish Canadian Business Owner magazine
  • Facilitate research & development.
  • Support multicultural entrepreneurs.
  • Connect multicultural business owners.
  • Promote opportunities & programs.
  • Offer free & premium membership.​​ ​​​​

Our Programs:

  • Online Magazine
  • In-Person Meetups
  • In-Person Events​
  • Conversation Series
  • Opportunities
  • Collaborations

Services Offered

Business Services

Generate Better Results With Your Resources
​In today’s market and into the future every business needs to sustain itself and grow with resilience.
The way forward to profitable growth is through making better use of what you have in your business.

Our Business Value Building Services Include: Training, Consulting, Advisory and Implementation Services


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