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Miryam Lazarte is the founder of Global Startups Accelerator (former LatAm Startups), a pivotal Toronto accelerator that catapults startups from emerging markets to a global audience. With her at the helm, With her at the helm, it has been selected as one of the organizations supporting Canada’s Startup Visa program and has secured a commendable $3M in federal support.

Since its inception in 2017, LatAm Startups has nurtured over 200 tech companies, providing a springboard to validate their ventures in North America. Under her guidance, these startups have made substantial headway into the Canadian ecosystem, boasting two unicorns in its portfolio.

Hailing from Colombia, Miryam’s entrepreneurial spirit took root in her childhood. Today, she is driven by her fervor to fortify economic connections between Canada and the vast, yet underexplored, Latin American market of 800 million consumers.

Miryam’s contributions to the Canadian tech arena have not gone unnoticed. Notably, she was heralded as one of the “10 Most Influential Hispanic-Canadians 2022” and clinched the “Newcomer Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019” title from Startup Canada.

Area of Expertise

The transformation from ā€œLatAm Startupsā€ to the all-new brand ā€œGlobal Startupsā€ was a strategic evolution that reflected the organizationā€™s expanding mission and global reach. This journey encompassed several vital phases and decisions, each of which contributed to its successful rebranding:

The inception of LatAm Startups:

  • The journey began with establishing ā€œLatAm Startupsā€ in Toronto as a non-profit accelerator.
  • The primary focus was working exclusively with international startups, particularly startups from Latin America.

Fostering International Connections:

  • LatAm Startups worked diligently to foster relationships with startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators worldwide, not just in Latin America.
  • This emphasis on diversity and inclusivity laid the foundation for the organizationā€™s expansion.

Designated Sponsor for Canadaā€™s Startup Visa Program:

  • One significant milestone in the organizationā€™s journey was becoming a designated sponsor for Canadaā€™s Startup Visa program.
  • This designation allowed LatAm Startups to contribute to bringing top startups worldwide to Canada.

Global Scaling from Toronto:

  • LatAm Startups positioned itself as a pioneer in helping startups scale globally from Toronto.
  • The organization provided valuable resources, mentorship, and access to the Canadian market for startups seeking to expand their horizons.

Recognition of Expanding Mission:

  • As LatAm Startups grew and attracted startups from diverse regions, it became clear that the organizationā€™s mission was evolving beyond its Latin American roots.
  • The leadership team recognized the need to embrace a broader global perspective.

Rebranding as ā€œGlobal Startupsā€:

  • The decision to rebrand as ā€œGlobal Startupsā€ was made as a strategic move to better reflect the organizationā€™s international scope and commitment to startups worldwide.
  • The new brand aimed to resonate with a broader audience, including startups from around the globe.

Expansion of Services and Networks:

  • With the rebranding came an expansion of services and networks to cater to startups from various regions.
  • Global Startups broadened its mentorship programs, investment opportunities, and partnerships to encompass a diverse range of entrepreneurs.

Global Outreach and Impact:

  • The rebranding marked a pivotal moment for Global Startups, enabling it to reach out to even more startups worldwide and create a significant global impact.
  • The organization continued to support startups in scaling, gaining access to funding, and fostering innovation in the heart of Toronto.

Continued Growth and Innovation:

  • Global Startups remains committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship on a worldwide scale.
  • It continues to evolve its programs, resources, and initiatives to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the startup ecosystem.

The journey from ā€œLatAm Startupsā€ to ā€œGlobal Startupsā€ represents the organizationā€™s commitment to inclusivity, global collaboration, and the empowerment of startups worldwide. The rebranding was a strategic move that allowed Global Startups to embrace its expanded mission and better serve the international entrepreneurial community.

Services Offered

Startup Visa Program
A six-month program crafted for international startups aiming to grow a tech business in Canada.

NEA Program
A six-month program supporting promising Canadian technology companies founded by newcomers.

Go Global Program
A six-month program tailored for companies establishing headquarters in Canada. No links with immigration process.

Tech Camps
One-week program for tech companies adopting new technologies to become more competitive in the market.

One-week program tailored for international startups seeking to expand in North America. This is a high-level exploratory option.


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