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Strategic and Results-Driven Managing Director specializing in digital transformation, healthcare optimization, and advisory leadership. Skilled in orchestrating successful business transformations through automation, driving growth with data-driven strategies, and navigating complex regulatory landscapes. With a history of expanding retail chains and advocating for industry excellence, I bring a unique blend of expertise to partners and clients. My commitment to innovative collaboration and fostering efficiency ensures organizations thrive in dynamic landscapes. Let’s connect to explore how my skills can drive transformative outcomes for your business
I am creative, brave and fearless, and I have always been steadfast in my beliefs.

Area of Expertise

SigmaRPA is one of the first companies of its kind in Canada with a focus on providing Digital Workers to small and mid-sized businesses.

We make modern technologies accessible to ALL businesses.

We’ve partnered with some of the greatest minds in digital transformation and have developed an innovative solution that combines all of the tools and knowledge from Process Design, Digital Staffing and of course, Robotics Process Automation Development.

Our products and services level the playing field so that our clients can compete in the largest arenas, where we bridge the gap between their businesses and the larger organizations that they compete with or service.

Services Offered

SigmaRPA Inc. offers a unique experience that strikes a balance of the best qualities from Management Consultancy and Software Development.

This makes us perfectly suited for RPA implementation, which by its very nature marries human performance with digital proficiency.

Our unique mix of service offerings allow clients to adopt RPA at any stage of process improvement. Our services include:


Automate an Existing Process

Long-term permanent solution

This solution is ideal for companies
confident with their processes who are
looking to automate their existing

Examples include entry of customer

Benefits include:

Reduce overhead
Reduce defects
Reduce cycle time


“Lean” then Automate a Process

Long-term permanent solution

This solution is ideal for companies that
require assistance to document and
standardize their process before
implementing automation.

Examples include standardizing fee

Benefits include:

Remove waste
Improve productivity
Free up resources for higher level

RPA Project

Support projects with Automation

Contract-based solution

This solution is ideal for companies
with projects that require a high level of
administrative accuracy and are time

Examples include system integrations
and transitioning legacy systems.

Benefits include:

Reduce project costs
Reduce project implementation time

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