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I am positive, energetic, and athletic.

I am an achiever, I set goals, persevere, and succeed.

I am a great neighbour, a best friend, and a caring family man.

I am an extreme sportsman, an outdoorsman, and nature enthusiast.

I am a traveling man, enjoy different cultures, and all things global.

I am Mario Asta

The mission throughout my existence is to acquire, leverage and develop various experience, knowledge and skill, so that I can enjoy its worth with family & friends, while positively impacting everything in my surroundings.

My vision is to create a future of success through great leadership, innovative problem solving and project management.

ambitious, boundless, brave, bright, calm, capable, charming, confident, cooperative courageous, credible, determined, diligent, dynamic, eager, efficient, energetic, enthusiastic, fair, faithful, fearless, friendly, funny, generous, gentle, happy, helpful, hilarious, honorable, impartial, industrious, instinctive, jolly, joyous, kind, knowledgeable, likeable, lively, lucky, mature, modern, nice, obedient, peaceful, perfect, placid, pleasant, productive, proud, punctual, quiet, responsible, skillful, stimulating, successful, talented, thrifty, trustworthy, unbiased, upbeat, vigorous, warm, willing, wise, witty, wonderful.

Area of Expertise

At Logics Technology we will assess your organization’s current infrastructure and help recommend IT solutions including Cloud, Productivity, Custom Software and more. We will see any solutions through to the end by helping implement the solution and training staff to best utilize the new technology. We administer industry recognized professional certifications to ensure your team is fully equipped to tackle any goal or challenge encountered. Maintain a strong connection with us long after implementation by receiving support whenever needed through our personalized technology help desk, ensuring there are no gaps in understanding your new technology solution.

Services Offered

IT Consulting
Our experts will help you improve productivity and efficiency with industry-specific technology to ensure you are operating at high efficiency.

Training & Certification
Certify members of your organization as experts with the latest digital tools. Our expert trainers will make your team proficient with the latest software and technology.

End User Support
Spend less time troubleshooting through unsolved problems and progress faster with our help desk, which is always ready to help you at a moment’s notice.


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