Jane Iannacone

Jane Iannacone
Jane Iannacone
SMB Advisor


As founder of Jigsaw Performance, I help small & medium-sized business owners succeed by focusing on the highest impact opportunities to build their businesses.

Area of Expertise

As founder of Jigsaw Performance, I help small & medium-sized business owners succeed by focusing on the highest impact opportunities to build their businesses.

As a strategic partner, I help leaders take their business to the next level, transforming the way they lead their organizations. I facilitate the creation of strategic plans that align key organizational capabilities with opportunities, while mitigating risks. I guide clients to grow sustainably by building clear roadmaps to help them pace and sequence the implementation of their strategic priorities to successfully achieve their vision.

I am passionate about creating forums where small groups of like-minded business owners can learn and grow together or management teams can think strategically and align on the company’s vision. I believe strongly that you need to step out of your day-to-day to have the space to think creatively and assess your current situation and opportunities for future growth.

Regardless of your experience, education, or skill set, I will help you better your business. I am dedicated to my clients’ success and aim to turn business owners into leaders.

For twenty years, I have partnered with business owners, leaders, and managers in Canada, the United States, and the U.K. to realize their objectives and increase their effectiveness. My extensive experience working with organizations large and small in energy, technology, manufacturing, education, services, and government enables me to bring a diverse perspective to your business challenges.

My client’s tell me my energy, positive attitude, and ability to ask the right questions sets me apart. I pride myself on being able to challenge my clients to rethink what is possible and leave them with the tools and confidence to seize opportunities.

Jigsaw develops effective leaders and supports them to build successful businesses

Jigsaw supports business owners to think and act more strategically, equipping them to confidently seize opportunities and overcome obstacles to grow their businesses from the inside-out.

In order to create high-impact results, business leaders need to regularly engage in strategic and creative thinking, planning, and action. Often, the important work involved in planning and execution takes a back seat to urgent day-to-day operations. That’s where we come in!

Services Offered

We Help Business Owners:
  • Build stronger, more profitable, sustainable businesses – apply strategic management approach.
  • Be more strategic – to think and act like CEOs.
  • Manage the demands of a growing business – systematizing, managing a team, building efficiencies.
  • Improve the experience – for the employee, the customer and the business owner.
  • Overcome the isolation of running a business – provide validation and perspective to make better decisions.
  • Build confidence in the financial aspects of running a business – it is a numbers game.
  • Create step-by-step, strategic roadmaps to chart the best path forward.
We’ll help you achieve clarity, direction, and alignment to pave the way for heightened success. We provide personalized, step-by-step assistance to help you overcome your business and leadership hurdles.
We’ll work with you to develop solutions that will fit your business’s unique culture, needs, and goals. We’ll help you create sustainable change, so you can benefit from our work long after our project is over.

But don’t just take it from us – hear what our clients have to say!


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