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Jacey Schnarr
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I am the founder and CEO at Butterfly Ethical Gifting, specializing in conscious corporate gifting, swag and technology solutions for employee, client and event activations. All items are sourced from small, diverse and ethical businesses. Allowing your brand to shine through gifts and swag.

Helping create the workplace that your employees deserve and clients love to partner with.
Check out www.butterflyethicalgifting.com

I have a love for yoga and wellness and can be found most days at Beaches Hot Yoga on my mat, or teaching class 🙂

Previously I spent 15 years in professional sales roles helping the likes of Cardiologists, chefs and business owners.

Area of Expertise

Our Mission

Catalysing workplace engagement through meaningful gifts, swag and technology.

By cultivating meaningful connections with your employees and clients you fuel inclusivity and business growth.

Our Vision

Championing a workplace experience that employees deserve and your clients love to partner with.

Our Values

1) Workplace Experience-Honour your employees with the workplace they deserve and your clients are proud to partner with.

2) Inclusivity-We embody inclusivity in the way we choose our vendors, clients, our team and support our community.

3) Giving Back-From day one we have given 2% of all revenue to charities we love and often select vendors who also have charitable programs.

Services Offered

Creating Connection

This is our mission: Catalysing workplace engagement through meaningful gifts, swag and technology. Creating meaningful connections with your employees and clients is important for your community and business.

Full Service

Butterfly will take care of you from beginning to end. From gift selection to technology solutions for registration, communication, and calendar management. We’ll also manage shipping, talent coordination, and logistics, saving you time and effort


Collaboration and creativity. We love working WITH our clients and our merchant partners, not only in execution but in creativity. Together with you, we are a team. One of our most oft-uttered sayings around the office is “We’ll figure it out”, and we always do!


Fun and Unique is our mantra. We aren’t performing root canals here, we’re creating connections and more than anything, having fun doing it! Food, drink, wellness, games, swag – we take a lighter side of life approach to create a lasting impression from your brand!

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