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Ilene Elkaim
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Ilene is a successful entrepreneur who now works with businesses to bring videos (and more) into their revenue stream like never before. On the Demo Stage at 2pm or come visit Booth 94.

Area of Expertise

Perfect for small businesses and individuals

PPN platforms put your business first. We offer you customizable platforms to make a home for your video business needs, your content, and your ideas. There’s no algorithms or corporate overlords: just the features you need to build a successful online video business and a team of real people dedicated to helping you achieve success.

Expert Advice

We make it easy to be online. PPN provides qualified specialists who help you answer business questions, design your platform, increase revenue streams and more. Our network hosts workshops and webinars where our community comes together to share knowledge. Together, we work towards your success.

Features for Growth

PPN knows that no two business are alike. That’s why we provide a platform that is fully customizable. Whether you want to grow your revenue, build a learning platform, showcase your product, or create something entirely new, PPN has a solution to help you reach your goals.

Services Offered

PPN helped Sherry take her business online. A gifted vocal coach, she teaches her students how to grow every day. But knowing how to connect with an audience online was a new challenge.

With our help, she learned the ins-and-outs of how to use video to build her business and inspire singers around the world.

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