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I believe that success is the result of being focused and working with smart, dedicated people. The resume says B.Comm and years of experience with sales, technology and change from entrepreneurial and management roles with private and public companies in North America and as an expat in Asia.

What it means though, is that I am perfectly suited to deliver the incredible benefits of Cloud Computing and mobility to our customers and partners. At Business Cloud it’s about Business Technology, BT not IT, the people not the computers.

I am genuinely interested in people and value the different perspectives and experience. I’m been told that I am a natural raconteur, with a sense of humour. I rely on both to engage, connect and create relationships. I strive to build a great team and look for the potential in people.

I’m a literary fan, devoted to the morning paper and CBC news, but I’ve got an app for everything else. I am becoming more eco-active and always vote for the person not the party.

At Dalhousie, I founded and later sold a residence fridge rental service. After forty I returned to my entrepreneurial roots and collected some hobbies along the way. From skiing, hockey and squash to beekeeping and trap shooting I’m always up for a game.

Area of Expertise

Business Technology (BT) refers to computer systems geared specifically towards business processes and is quite different than Information Technology (IT). At Business Cloud, we set up BT to help companies serve their customers and protect their business.

Cloud First – Business Technology
Apps setup and managed by Business Cloud, hosted by Google and our partners. Secure on any device, anywhere!

Unlimited Training & Support
Unlimited and accessible service makes users more productive and reliable customer references. Certified expert advice, training, and support on any device.

Fixed per-user pricing
Our unique fixed-price unlimited service plans start at $39 per month, plus a one-time setup and data migration fee.

Services Offered

Unlimited Service. Fixed Price.

Business Technology – BT not IT. BT is about collaborating from your phone, home or office. We prevent problems so our customers can get things done, reduce stress and grow their businesses.

Unlimited service at a fixed price. It’s what we do!

Communication & Productivity

Collaborate with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. Provisioned from data migration to complete setup. Integrated cloud apps by leading providers, setup and tailored to your business’s processes.

Business Collaboration Suite
Deploy Google Workspace or MS Office 365 to get things done. Email, Calendar, Docs and Drive, Chat, Teams and Meet.

Shared Contact Management
One version of the truth for contacts. From simple sharing to a complete CRM with features that help grow your business. Track leads, notes, forecasts, send newsletters and assign follow-ups.

Office Phone Systems
RingCentral VoIP systems or Cloudli cloud PBX. Click to dial, unlimited calling, IVR, and time-based call routing. Mobile and desktop applications with VM to Email or Text.

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