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Knit People was founded with a desire to help businesses succeed. We understand that majority of businesses fail, which is why we’ve built an integrated payroll, HR, and benefits platform to help streamline operations and retain employees. We work with over a thousand companies like Nandos, Big Smoke Burger, Insightly CRM, Tread, Lending Loop, and Logojoy.

Services include:

Global Payroll Calculations, CRA/WCB Remittances, Year End T4s, Direct Deposit and Digital Paystubs.

HR Platform (Digital Onboarding, Time Off Management, Digital Employee Record and Benefits Management)

Want to work with us? Visit our website @ knitpeople.com or send us an email at hello@knitpeople.com

Area of Expertise

Built for small business payroll

Knit supports you whether you’re setting up payroll for your first employee or considering a switch. Our intuitive software simplifies payroll management, automates tax filings, ensures compliance, and frees up your time for business growth. With Knit, minimize payroll tasks and maximize your focus on building your team and business.
All in One Integrated Solution for Small Businesses

Simplify your business management

Streamline your responsibilities and focus on growing your business by using Knit’s comprehensive HR management software to handle your payroll, HR, benefits, and compliance all in one place.

Payroll for New Businesses

Easily manage your team’s start up payroll, HR, and benefits with Knit. Set up your startup payroll and embrace growth opportunities with confidence.

Our comprehensive people platform is tailored to accommodate various work environments, whether it’s an office, a shop, remote, or on-the-go, ensuring seamless operations for your business.

Services Offered

Providing you with quality service.
Here at Knit, we’re dedicated to providing payroll, HR and benefits software to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Our experts in Canadian payroll and HR work with over 1500 businesses across Canada comprising over 10,000 employees and process over half a billion in payroll annually. We hope to help you succeed by providing you aid in managing your administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on what you love to do: running your business and leaving your customers satisfied.

Our Services

One place to keep your team happy and productive.
No matter the size or stage of your business, Knit’s all-in-one payroll, HR and benefits platform puts the tools you need to hire, pay, and manage your team at your fingertips.

Online payroll services for small businesses in Canada.

Stay 100% CRA-compliant with Knit’s online payroll services and software. From direct deposits to automatic payroll calculations and unlimited pay runs, we make sure you’re payroll-perfect from your first pay run. Gather accurate employee information, choose your payroll frequency, get help with income and deduction types, and start sending direct deposits in just a click.

  • Provide your employees with direct deposit
  • Guarantee that your pay is accurate through automatic payroll calculations
  • Stay compliant through source deduction remittances
  • Save time by automatically calculating WCB/EHT remittances


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