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David Smith is a leadership consultant and coach with over 25 years of experience leading organizations and large teams including multiple start-ups and one of Canada’s ’50 Best Managed Companies’. He has served as CEO and a SME business owner and his passion for ‘greenfield’ business launches has provided him with the honour of serving on the founding leadership teams of two Canadian financial services companies and on several Boards. Over the years, he has learned that a team or organization is only as healthy and productive as its leadership.

David’s years of lived experience in organizational leadership and corporate finance has made him a sought-after coach and mentor to leaders and teams of major organizations across Canada. Since 2009, he has coached over 300 new and seasoned executives, leaders and teams in regional, national and international organizations, SMEs, and private and family enterprises.

Area of Expertise

While David has excelled at coaching high-ranking CEO’s and executive leaders in large organizations, he believes leaders in organizations of all sizes can realize the benefits of coaching and bring profound success to their business and personal lives. He coaches and mentors new leaders to fully embrace their roles and prepares the next generation leaders to step up. David believes that people want to contribute, learn, and grow to become the best version of themselves and that a trusted coach can help them realize enormous potential and satisfaction.

After receiving a business undergraduate degree, David set out to master the leadership craft and hasn’t stopped training since. He has studied leadership at Harvard Business School, University of Colorado and Banff Centre for Management and adult education through St. Francis Xavier University. He is accredited in multiple professional associations, is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and a Registered Professional Marketer with the Canadian Institute of marketing (CIM). He continues ongoing certification in numerous coaching and training systems.


Services Offered

I. Executive Coaching

Why an Executive Coach?  Executive leaders use the services of a coach and mentor to address leadership areas including:

  • Managing director reports
  • Working through conflict
  • Designing alliances
  • Clarifying team roles and accountability
  • Complex decision-making
  • Team motivation
  • Trust and empowerment
  • Forming successors
  • Optimizing strength
  • Conducting difficult conversations
  • Regaining focus/concentration
  • Low energy and burnout
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Depleted motivation
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Difficulty with change
  • Negative thinking
  • Discomfort with sales

How Logia Can Help – A Logia coach and mentor can provide valuable support to an executive or organizational leader. Dave’s experience in the C-Suite helped him discover that the saying “It’s lonely at the top” is true. Top executives and leaders usually have very few people they can speak to openly and confidentially about the challenges they are facing.

An executive coach is an objective sounding board that can help a leader triage business challenges, make a plan and form solid decisions. A coach can provide some accountability to the process and ensure success is monitored, achieved, and celebrated. A coach will also keep an eye on the leaders’ overall work life balance and work with them to sustain long-term effective performance, celebrating milestones along the way.

Logia Will Help You Achieve:

  • Self-awareness, and an ability to inspire others to be self-aware
  • Accountability, and skills to encourage others to be accountable
  • Success in driving your mission, and lead others to support that mission
  • Inspiration to lead by heart and have faith in others
  • Commitment to improve yourself and your team
  • Transparency and ability to encourage open listening and thinking


II. Group Coaching

Why Group Coaching? Healthy team dynamics are fundamental to creating a positive work culture and organizational success. Team leaders come to Logia for help with the following:

  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Building role clarity and accountability
  • Addressing team conflict
  • Improving communication
  • Feedback and decision making
  • Creating trust
  • Team structure & culture
  • Overall mental fitness

How Logia Can Help – We offer customized group coaching to assess your team, and then offer solutions that will suit the unique needs of your team. Logia has spent thousands of hours with hundreds of teams coaching them to become better leaders within their own teams.

Logia Will Help You Achieve:

  •  Effective team players committed to optimization and success
  • Better decision-makers with a shared purpose
  • Thoughtful communicators committed to positive team culture, diversity, and trust
  • Efficient, high performers who are accountable to themselves and the organization
  • Innovative and collaborative groups with clear accountability structures and role clarity
  • Life-long learners with a desire to thrive and grow

III. Facilitation & Training

Logia facilitators plan, guide and manage group events with the goal of achieving intended outcomes and a plan for your next steps. In person or virtual, Logia can facilitate meetings on any topic, or can offer you the facilitated sessions on a wide range of leadership topics:

We’ll work with your group to help:

IV. Speaking

Are you looking for a speaker for your next conference, organizational retreat or event?

Toastmaster certified at the Advanced (ATM) Level, David Smith is a highly effective and enthusiastic communicator and relationship builder. His talks have inspired and engaged national and international conference audiences for almost 15 years. He has been a keynote speaker and delivered remarks at workshops and retreats for numerous professional associations.  Nancy Smith has delivered remarks to conferences and numerous workplace leaders and employees. Her warmth and genuine caring for the greater good of an organization shine through in her presentations, making her a valued and appreciated speaker.

Talks may be delivered in-person or virtually.

Logia has recently delivered keynote and speaking presentations on the following topics:



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