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Dave Wakeman
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Dave helps executives deliver profitable businesses opportunities so that their business has the resources to grow, sustain success, and reach higher levels of performance and profitability.

His client rave about his focus on profitability, growth, and effectiveness

* “Dave knows his *!#$%” — CEO/Managing Director, Insurance, United Kingdom
* “Dave is the shot of adrenaline we needed.” — Managing Partner, Real Estate, NYC
* “Dave challenges us with answers for the questions asked…but, more importantly, he challenges us on whether we are even asking the right questions.” — Head of Marketing, Professional Sports, Australia
* “Dave knows more about pricing effectively and profitably than anyone I’ve ever met.” — CEO, Technology, USA

Area of Expertise

The client results speak for themselves:

* New sales processes that doubled a startups revenue in 90 days. A mid-7 figure improvement.
* Rethought a global sports’ brands marketing and uncovered a multi-billion dollar opportunity.
* Partnered with a global wine brand to launch in a new vertical that helped push a 600+% growth in pallets delivered in one year.
* Led messaging campaign that drove a 7% positive change in customer preference in less than 6 weeks.
* Rebuilt major partnerships division of a global hospitality business, generating a 1800% growth in less than 18 months and creating mid-8 figures in new revenue in the first 2 years of operation.

Dave’s work focuses on the intersection of:

* Strategy
* Branding
* Marketing

Helping businesses deliver real results that are profitable.

His work has touched professionals on every continent and his writing has been translated into, at least, 6 languages.

He currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Board of the DC Soccer Club where he’s helped the Club create a vision to become “Bigger! Better! Stronger!” and to make DC the destination for youth soccer in the DMV and to lead the continued growth of soccer in the United States.

Receive Dave’s weekly strategy newsletter, ‘The Business of Value’ by emailing Dave at Dave@DaveWakeman.com

Services Offered

WHAT I DO: I help businesses overcome the issues that will stop their business in its tracks like complacency, inertia, fear, indifference, and apprehension to get you focused on growing, changing, and improving the success of your organization.

Host of the number 1 podcast in the world for folks marketing and selling sport, theatre, and experiences: The Business of Fun.

WHO I AM: An internationally recognized expert in business performance, marketing, and revenue generation. I have had the opportunity to speak to audiences in the United States, the UK, Canada, and Australia. My work has been featured by CNN, NBC, ABC, & CBS. I have been regularly featured in publications like The Seattle Times, The NY Post, SEAT Magazine, US News & World Report, and Entrepreneur.

WE’VE WORKED WITH: American Express, Yahoo!, Google, Nike, Coca-Cola, YellowTail Wines, Volunteers of America, Manhattan Construction Company, The Association of Luxury Suite Directors, Association of Project Management, Project Management Institute, SAIC, US Department of State, US Department of Commerce, MSG, NY Jets, Seattle SuperSonics, Seattle Seahawks, and Best Buy.


* Partnered with American Express and Circles on programs and projects around entertainment, hospitality, and ticket sales responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue.

* Led efforts with YellowTail Wines and their partners to open brand up to new audience that helped propel YellowTail to 2.2 million cases sold per year to 8 million cases sold annually.

* Partnered with Odwalla and their parent company, Coca-Cola, on an experiential marketing program that helped grow core business by 50% over 2 years.

* Created marketing program for Experience Music Project, Turntable Restaurant and Liquid Lounge, that enabled venue to generate over $1M in second year of operation.

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