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Andreea co-founded Sapling and is a Partner in the firm. After years of studying Physics, which culminated in obtaining a Ph.D. in Experimental Condensed Matter at the University of Toronto, Andreea transitioned to the world of finance. Her strengths: (1) extensive expertise in building data analysis tools for studying physical models, and (2) solid problem-solving abilities involving complex systems with emergent properties. Her aspirations: (1) learning the intricacies of finance, starting from basic building blocks like accounting and building financial statements, and (2) transferring her analytical skills to build financial models for companies across various industries.

Andreea believes that in a fast, ever-changing world, making informed decisions is the key for survival and progress, especially for small and medium businesses. Given the current environmental challenges the planet is facing, Andreea believes that small businesses will play a major part in creating sustainability and setting new trends for growth in a resource-limited environment for the private sector in the near future. As a result, she is dedicated to focusing her development in the financial modelling sector on small- and medium-sized businesses, at Sapling.

Area of Expertise

Who It’s For

Private Equity
Sapling works closely with PE firms to assist in value creation at the portfolio company level. We assist GPs with mission-critical projects in the post-close process, working on key Finance projects, covering data analytics, custom-tool development, and automation of repetitive tasks.

We create professional financial models and data analytics platforms, tailored to mid-market companies, that help to evaluate new business opportunities, to identify and eliminate unprofitable clients or products, to secure financing for new projects, and to analyze and optimize performance.

We assist entrepreneurs to determine the best pricing for their market, to assess the cost and financing needs, to prepare for investor meetings, and to explore opportunities for growth. When it comes to raising capital, Sapling can help you tell your story in a way that delivers maximum impact.

Service Providers
We partner with other service providers, such as forensic accounting firms and restructuring consultants. Sapling’s services can be white-labelled to increase bandwidth for firms during times of capacity constraints. We can take care of the numbers so that our clients can focus on high-level decision-making.

Services Offered

Sapling Financial has served a variety of clients in different industries to improve the effectiveness of their financial decision-making, and to streamline processes that generate data useful for decision-making as well as marketing. Sapling Financial Consultant Case Studies displays our various clients and engagements.

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