Ana Fernandes


With degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration, and over 20 years of experience in Software Development, Business Management and Leadership, Ana oversees our internal operations. Ana’s passionate about ensuring our clients’ satisfaction with every solution we offer.

Area of Expertise

Abrisuite is a client-centric technology partner helping small and medium businesses achieve their vision through technology. Through a collaborative and innovative approach to solutions creation, we guide our clients through their journeys with technology adoption. Together with our partners, we have over 100 people ready to tackle any challenge your business may have. We have a dedicated AI development team to help with your RPA and AI projects to future-proof your business. Are you looking to increase sales and visibility? Could your production line benefit from automation or waste elimination? Maybe you need a team of skilled engineers to create a new product? Are your legacy systems or disconnected applications hindering your growth? Is your business using data in the best way possible? Are your employees tired of repetitive data entry or broken systems? Has your business outgrown your IT provider? Could you benefit from moving your applications to the Cloud? Or could Virtual Reality attract more customers to your store or services? Businesses face many challenges these days, but there are many opportunities you can achieve through better processes and the best technology solution for your situation. No matter what your challenges may be, we combine sound business strategies with technology solutions to achieve your goals.We help clients realize dreams through technology. We are a technology partner that is experienced, reliable and transparent. We are customer-centric and care about your business.

Abrisuite was founded with the mission to offer secure solutions for small and medium sized business. We believe businesses of all sizes should have access to affordable technology services and solutions. Security and efficiency are our drivers to ensure our clients’ success.

Since Covid-19 lockdowns, we decided to pivot and draw upon the combined expertise of our owners and partners to offer new services in areas such as Digital Transformation to give you visibility online, allow you to retain and grow your customer base, and dramatically improve your operations. Fully Managed IT Services which will give you peace of mind when your staff is working from home, when you need to restore backups, or to patch and update your PCs or laptops, for example. Web Development and Innovative Software Solutions to enhance your website, online presence in all Social Platforms, and enhance your market reach. And we still offer our Cybersecurity services and products; any of our other services offered will have security of your data and your network as a primary goal.

Our mission is still the same, we are a customer centric company. We believe in collaboration, listening to our customers, proposing cost effective solutions, and bringing your vision to life.

No matter the size of your operations, we can help transform, secure, or manage your business operations, so you can focus on doing what you do best: servicing your clients and taking care of your business”

Services Offered

With strategic partners in Canada and Brazil, we offer an array of services and consulting for any size of business. There are over 100 skilled professionals locally and offshore working with us, who are ready to contribute to your business success. What can we do?

– Custom Solutions –
1. Systems Integration – do you have overhead costs due to systems and platforms not sharing data? Desktop systems no longer supported? We will integrate systems to improve business management and increase profitability
2. Custom Software Development – do you have a brilliant idea, but programming isn’t your thing? Is your business dealing with broken Legacy systems? We can create custom platforms, e-commerce solutions, mobile apps and use a combination of emerging technologies to make your goals come true
3. Managed Services – every business must rely on infrastructure and IT security solutions. Do you have a partner that helps you sleep at night and is proactive? Are you compliant with patches and security policies? Can you get Cybersecurity insurance? If not, let us know

– Automation –
1. BPA and RPA – does your business need repetitive data entry in your back-office systems? After creating a detailed automation plan, we will use automation tools that will save you time and money
2. Industrial Automation – are you a manufacturing owner looking to eliminate waste, eliminate human error, deal with skilled labor shortages, improve your client experience and take your production line to the next level? Industry 4.0 transformation offers solutions to increase profitability and growth
3. VR/AR/MR technologies – The best way to train your employees, and eliminate human errors in shipping / receiving, or to provide that ‘Wow’ factor when showcasing your products

– Digital Presence –
1. Customer Relationship Management – What is the best way to use a CRM, and integrate it with other platforms your business relies on? From building sales pipelines to automating the sales and marketing funnels, we can put you on the right path.
2. E-commerce, Websites, Mobile Apps – The best way to get in front of your customers, showcase your products and services, and increase traffic to your business
3. Digital Marketing – The best platforms to tell your story, speak to the right audiences, at the right time. Let us grow your brand!


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