Small Business Hub Community Guidelines

The Small Business Hub is a collaborative network of small business owners and advisors united by a common objective: to inspire, empower, and support others in achieving business success. Our commitment is to foster a secure, nurturing, and amicable environment for all members as we grow. As we cultivate this community together, your participation is vital for its prosperity. While we have a few rules at the Small Business Hub, we believe that outlining our community expectations will facilitate your understanding of collaborating, communicating, and engaging with one another.

We employ a blend of human moderation and technology to uphold these guidelines proactively. Furthermore, we encourage community members to report any conduct, remarks, or content they believe contravenes these guidelines. Please invest time in reviewing these rules and help us maintain the Small Business Hub as a secure and welcoming space for establishing and expanding small businesses.


  1. Embrace a hospitable and open-minded approach: Recognize that some members are new to entrepreneurship and may have less experience, limited finances, and varying confidence levels. However, this doesn’t preclude them from devising exceptional business ideas. We encourage you to be approachable and supportive of those just starting when interacting through messages, groups, or attending business events.
  2. Respect one another: Discourtesy undermines fruitful networking and interaction. Maintain respectful and professional discourse, refraining from posting anything perceived as impolite or harsh.
  3. Be precise: Providing context and clarity when posing a question or offering a suggestion benefits everyone. Keep in mind that online communication can be challenging due to difficulties in conveying or interpreting tone. Use straightforward language and consider how it might be perceived by fellow community members.
  4. Offer feedback: Reviews and ratings foster trust within the community. If you have consulted an advisor and would like to endorse their services, leave a review. Likewise, if you found particular information or an event valuable, rate it. This enables others to easily discover beneficial resources for growing their businesses.
  5. Contribute meaningfully: Always post with a purpose; to inspire, empower, or share knowledge and ideas with fellow community members.
  6. Report concerns: While we monitor the website, we also rely on members to report or flag any issues they encounter.


  1. Spam: We enthusiastically promote communication among community members on our platform, in online groups, and at business events, as networking is a powerful marketing tool. However, spamming is unwelcome. Refrain from posting the same comment in multiple groups or sending unsolicited private messages to other community members.
  2. Share personal contact information (email or phone number): We cannot be held responsible for interactions or connections made outside our platform. We advise using our built-in messaging system for a secure and enjoyable networking experience.
  3. Disclose personal or confidential information about others: We strongly caution against posting any personal or confidential information about community members, as it violates our guidelines and can damage your and your business’s reputation.
  4. Link to crowdfunding websites: Numerous business consultants on our platform can address your financial concerns and help you secure capital for your business. External links to crowdfunding campaigns, however, will be removed.
  5. Promote violence: Our shared objective is to support small businesses grow. The platform must not be used to endorse, orchestrate, or incite acts of terror or violence.
  6. Discrimination, Bullying, or Harassment: The Small Business Hub does not tolerate communication that targets individuals or groups based on their identity. We regard the Small Business Hub as a safe space for members to connect and network. We reserve the right to remove any posts that:
    • Potentially disturb, offend, or provoke others
    • Are deemed abusive, homophobic, racist, sexually explicit, sexist, or otherwise offensive
    • Advocate or depict actions that could endanger others’ well-being
  7. Inflict technological harm: Our guidelines prohibit any activities that compromise the security, reliability, and integrity of the Small Business Hub website. This includes attempting to hack the platform or transmitting files containing viruses or other destructive or harmful elements.

By adhering to these guidelines, our community members can work together to foster a thriving, supportive, and enriching environment. The Small Business Hub values each member’s contribution, and we believe that collaboration, respect, and open-mindedness are the foundation of a successful community. Let’s continue to support one another, share insights, and help small businesses flourish.


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