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Oliu™: Transforming SME Digital Experiences – A Conversation with Chandra Rink

In her enlightening discussion with CanadianSME Small Business Magazine, Chandra Rink, Managing Director at ATB Ventures, focused on the groundbreaking role of ATB Ventures in driving digital innovation within financial services. She highlighted Oliu™, ATB Ventures’ flagship digital identity management platform, discussing its strategic role in tackling digital fraud issues prevalent among SMEs in Canada. Chandra emphasized the platform’s design to specifically cater to the unique cybersecurity and digital identity management needs of small and medium-sized businesses. She also delved into the benefits beyond security and convenience that SMEs can expect from adopting Oliu™, including enhanced user experiences and stronger customer loyalty. Chandra also underscored ATB Ventures’ ambitious vision for the future of digital identity and authentication technology, illustrating how Oliu™ is integral to realizing this future, with its focus on secure, user-centric digital solutions.

Chandra, Head of Product, is particularly passionate about the safe and secure utilization of data and creating experiences that people love. She leads a multi-disciplinary team of product, research, marketing, and design specialists, who bring their expertise into experimentation and commercialization of ATB Ventures’ product portfolio. Bringing her business background into emerging-tech product, Chandra and her team specialize in connecting viable business models to the creation of products that people love and trust.

Can you start by telling us more about ATB Ventures and its mission in the context of digital innovation and financial services?

ATB Ventures is the research and innovation arm of ATB Financial, a leading Alberta-based financial institution. Driving growth at the edges and exploring opportunities beyond financial services, ATB Ventures focuses on helping companies bridge the gap between consumers’ increasing concerns about privacy and security, and their desire for more advanced personalized experiences.

Our research and development activities translate early-stage product incubations into commercially available solutions, such as our Digital Identity portfolio: Oliu and Proof.   Oliu  provides businesses with the identity management solutions they need to issue, manage, and verify digital credentials. These digital credentials are owned, managed, and stored by the end-user they represent, in the form of a digital identity, on their mobile wallet:  Proof.  

Solutions like Oliu and Proof represent our team’s philosophy of building solutions that uphold privacy and trust in every online interaction.

Recent announcements highlight new features within Oliu™, ATB Ventures’ digital identity management platform. Can you provide us with an overview of what Oliu™ is and how it addresses digital fraud problems for SMEs in Canada?

Oliu is a market-leading digital identity verification and credential management platform. Oliu provides solutions tailored to combat digital fraud and enhance security by using digital identity credentials in the interactions between companies and their customers.

  • Making up the majority of the Canadian economy, SMEs require efficient, scalable verification methods that fit into their existing onboarding solutions. Oliu offers SMEs a tailored package that simplifies their KYC processes, ensuring only verified customers can gain access to their company’s products and services.
  • Through privacy-by-design methods, SMEs can leverage Oliu to accurately and securely verify identities, onboard their customers, and issue credentials that can be used in lieu of usernames and passwords. By supporting the SMEs in Canada, Oliu enables the economic growth in organizations, while putting data control and ownership back into the hands of Canadian citizens.

SMEs often face unique challenges when it comes to cybersecurity and digital identity management. How does Oliu™ cater specifically to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in Canada?

Oliu provides an affordable, all-in-one solution to SMEs. Oliu eliminates the need to manage multiple security tools at once, reducing the high complexity, cost, and time typically involved with the existing methods SMEs use to digitally onboard their customers.

Oliu for Onboarding   is specifically tailored to help SMEs consume these benefits. In addition to this package reducing procurement and technical integration costs, Oliu also prioritizes no code and low code interfaces, ensuring that even businesses with limited technical resources can implement robust digital identity and security measures to bolster their customer experience.

Oliu™: Transforming SME Digital Experiences - A Conversation with Chandra Rink

Can you walk us through the user experience with Oliu™ for both SMEs implementing the technology and the end consumers who will use it for authentication?

SMEs implementing Oliu will benefit from our solutions being built with interoperable frameworks in mind (such as the  Pan-Canadian Trust Framework ) to easily integrate Oliu’s capabilities into existing user experiences.

  • Once set up, SMEs will leverage features like  Document ID Verification  to verify their customers. Oliu allows companies to translate that verification into their own, company-issued verifiable credential. This verifiable credential can then be used as a method of simple verification every time they digitally connect with their customers; such as, to power  Passwordless Login  – a method of customer authentication made possible by digital identity.
  • For end consumers, Oliu facilitates a frictionless onboarding and account access experience. Using a mobile application like Proof,  users can manage all their digital credentials from their fingertips. This includes providing consent to share specific information with the organizations they want to engage with, and quickly getting access to their existing accounts through the  Passwordless Login .
  • ATB Ventures’ digital identity wallet, Proof, works in tandem with Oliu. These products connect SMEs with their customers and protect both parties from fraud and unnecessary data privacy exposure.

Beyond security and convenience, what other benefits can SMEs expect when they adopt Oliu™ for their digital identity and authentication needs?

Adopting Oliu offers SMEs a competitive edge when it comes to security and efficiency. It fosters trust with customers through experience consistency, enhancing brand loyalty and reputation. Beyond the critical improvements offered to the user experience for their customers, making it easier to onboard and log in, Oliu gives SMEs the tools to mitigate fraud. Ultimately, Oliu gives SMEs the freedom to focus their time and resources on providing their unique products and service offerings, rather than needing to become verification and technology experts.

Looking ahead, what is ATB Ventures’ vision for the future of digital identity and authentication technology, and how does Oliu™ fit into that vision? 

Oliu™: Transforming SME Digital Experiences - A Conversation with Chandra Rink

Our vision is to lead and participate in the important evolution of the digital identity movement in Canada. We see a future where individuals have complete control over their identities and data, driving more trust and security across every digital touchpoint in our day-to-day lives. Oliu plays a pivotal role in making this vision come to life by setting new standards for user-centric, secure authentication. As the Canadian market evolves to this new standard, Oliu and Proof will continue to explore applications that enable economic inclusion and data privacy for all.


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