Consumer Genius Inc. Continues Strong Growth in 2023, Supplying Digital Leads & Calls to the Insurance and Financial Sectors

Consumer Genius Inc. consistently ranked amongst North  America’s Fastest Growing Companies , has announced record results for 2023 and sees even more growth ahead in 2024. Some of the key highlights for 2023 were:

  • Establishment of its Life Insurance Leads Division
  • Further growth for its Mortgage Leads Division
  • Consistent growth for its Auto Leads Division
  • 150% increase in gross revenues from 2022
  • 80% growth in its Employment base
  • Achieved third consecutive year on the Globe and Mails’ Top Growing Companies List
  • Increased focus on its USA Market Entry
  • Engaged UK Advisors to plan its UK Market Entry
  • Launched Pay Per Call Division
  • Held Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Consumer Genius Inc ( CGI) is based out of Canada but has now successfully expanded operations to the United States and commenced BETA testing its entry into the United Kingdom. CGI was established in 2016 and has had limited outside funding in its rise to fame in the lead generation industry. Now it is looked at as the premier brand for performance-based lead generation (IE, you only pay for the lead or call that is generated). CGI has also launched its Pay per call division, generating phone calls for the Healthcare and Insurance Industries.

“We have capped off yet another successful year for our shareholders”. Says Paul Hadzoglou, the company’s President. “We recognize that our dedication and consistent persistence to reflect ourselves as lead generation leaders within the Insurance, Lending, Auto and Mortgage sectors, along with the efforts of our excellent employee base, and the input of our valued and experienced advisors and external partners, is paying off. We are clear in our Vision for 2024 and look forward to expanding our brands further into Canada, the United States and the UK.

Consumer Genius owns and operates various web domains, to which they drive traffic towards and generate leads through their domains on behalf of Small, Medium and National Brands. Amongst the CGI brands are: , an online platform focused on connecting an applicant with a vast array of lenders based in the USA  , an online platform focused on connecting an applicant to the right auto lender or dealership in Canada

Canadian Life Rates  ,  an online platform focused on connecting an applicant to the right life insurance provider

Consumer Genius Inc. recently was also named in the Financial Times Fastest Growing Companies in America and plans to continue its focus on Performance based marketing services, charging businesses only on a CPL (Cost per lead) and CPC (Cost per call) basis.

About Consumer Genius Inc.

Established in 2015, Consumer Genius Inc. is the parent company to many of North America’s fastest growing online comparison platforms. Consumer Genius operates in Canada, the United States , the United Kingdom and Australia in the financial and non-financial sectors. The various platforms that CGI owns and operates allows consumers to apply for a product or service, and be immediately connected to a lender or service provider, empowering them to make quicker decisions on which lender to borrow from, or which vendor to use for a particular service. They combine expert advice and the best financial tools, providing their customers with the knowledge and information required to make the smartest financial decisions. Over 50,000 Consumers apply for a loan or financial service or product through the platforms owned and operated by  Consumer Genius Inc.  every single month and over $2 Billion in application volume is processed through Consumer Genius Inc.’s platforms every year. Amongst its vast portfolio of brands, Consumer Genius also owns top North American brands such as  Loanz ,   LendingArch  Juggling Debt  and  Canadian Life Rates.

SOURCE Consumer Genius Inc.


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