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Melissa’s Journey to Finding Passion in Real Estate

Melissa's Journey to Finding Passion in Real Estate

Melissa Carrington is a real investor out of Hamilton, ON who embodies the epitome of being a woman who “does it all”. A mother of two and real estate professional who participates in the investing process from start to finish she knows how to effectively nurture relationships and stand out in an otherwise saturated market.

Melissa is a woman who has always been driven to succeed. From a young age, she worked in the service industry, taking on various roles in restaurants, bars, and retail. After completing her Graphic Design degree from Mohawk College, she worked at a local print shop and then took a break from work to be with her daughters. Once her daughters entered school full-time, Melissa became a full-time admin at a windows and doors company, where she learned about homes’ structure, heating, and mechanics as they relate to window efficiency.

Melissa’s experience eventually led her to work as an operations coordinator for a Real Estate Investing firm, where she ignited her passion for real estate investing. Since she was 14 years old, she has always loved designing and redecorating her living space every 6 months, and now she helps design homes for a living! Whenever she walked into homes, she could envision new designs where she could preserve the house’s character while improving functionality. She eventually decided to get her licence and invest full-time, assisting families in finding their dream homes and making custom homes a reality.

Redefining Real Estate: Melissa’s Personalized Approach 

Her approach makes Melissa stand out in the saturated real estate investing market. Instead of selling finished luxury listings, she aims to help families find the right property to customize by providing personalized service that is tailored to each family’s unique wants and needs. With her construction background and connections with trades, she can help families create custom homes without spending top dollar. Melissa enjoys and commits to working closely with families to ensure they understand the value of improving a property and helping them see the full potential in a home. 

Navigating the Hamilton Real Estate Market with Melissa 

The real estate market in the Hamilton region is booming, and Melissa attributes this to buyer confidence returning to the market. She sees properties receiving multiple offers and selling in record times. The days properties are on the market are decreasing, and there is low inventory and high demand. In addition, with overnight lending rates held for the second time this year and fixed rates coming down, people are trying to get into the market before they get priced out again.

Staying Ahead of the Game: Melissa’s Commitment to Continuous Learning 

The real estate industry can be a challenging one, especially in times of market fluctuations. Melissa has seen many agents who started before the pandemic boom return to their old professions when they realise how difficult it is to succeed in this business. However, Melissa is determined to succeed and stay on top of the market fluctuations. She stays up-to-date with the latest trends and developments by immersing herself in the community. She is in six homes a day, attentive to what they look like, the offers they are getting, and how long they are on the market. 

In addition, she attends weekly training sessions her brokerage provides and networks with mortgage brokers to stay informed about the mortgage industry. Melissa explains that to succeed in this industry, you must submerge yourself and absorb as much knowledge as possible! Her commitment to learning and growing is a testament to her dedication to her clients. 

Melissa believes that “Your best resource is being resourceful.”

Empowering Women in Business: Melissa’s Vision for a Community of Female Professionals

Melissa’s motivation and  Big Why   for success come from her desire to be the best example for her daughters. She wants to show them they can accomplish anything they set their minds to, and she is an inspiring role model for anyone looking to achieve their goals. 

Melissa's Journey to Finding Passion in Real Estate

As a working mom, Melissa knows the importance of creating a network for female business professionals to come together and share stories. So, in addition to her work in real estate, Melissa founded a community for accomplished female business professionals to come together and share stories. The women’s group is an extension of Melissa’s desire to help others succeed, providing a space for women to learn from each other, regardless of their industries. Melissa believes that by working together, they can make a difference in their communities and help other women who may be struggling.

“We want to create an inclusive place for women born women and who identify as a woman who has a desire to further themselves personally and in their careers. “

Melissa’s background may be diverse, but her passion for real estate and helping others has remained a constant. She has found a way to balance work and family while creating a network for women to unite and succeed. In a challenging industry, she has found a way to innovate and make a difference in the lives of those around her!


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