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Let’s Harness the Power of our Personal Perspectives!

Each of us brings a distinct set of experiences, values, and insights to the table. It’s this diversity that enriches our collective journey and enables us to inspire inclusion in profound ways. Our personal story, shaped by our individual triumphs, challenges, and aspirations, has the potential to resonate deeply with others, serving as a source of strength and solidarity.

Embracing our differences and celebrating our individuality is key to building a more inclusive society where every woman feels valued and heard. Our perspective, whether shaped by our cultural background, professional expertise, or personal journey, offers a unique lens through which to understand and address the barriers to inclusion that women face.

By sharing our story, speaking up for those whose voices are often marginalized, and advocating for equitable opportunities, we become a beacon of inspiration and empowerment for women everywhere. Our authenticity and courage pave the way for others to embrace their own uniqueness and stand tall in their truth.

Together, let’s harness the power of our personal perspectives to create a world where all women are seen, heard, and valued. Happy International Women’s Day!

Andrea Sesum

Higher Education Leader, SMART OWL & HER Business School

Andrea Sesum, a prominent Canadian figure, is actively closing the global skills gap through her contributions to the field of education. She has been engaged in various diversity and inclusion initiatives, not only within Canada but also on an international level.

Some of her recent achievements include:

  • 2021 Canadian Business Woman of the Year Award, Canadian SME National Business Awards
  • Panelist at the Forbes School of Business & Technology “Thought Leader Summit”
  • Recognized as one of the Top 25 Female EdTech Founders by SuperCharger Ventures
  • Awarded the Access Equity and Human Right Award from the City of Toronto
  • Led the Women In Tech Canadian/European 2021 Southeastern Europe Summit under the patronage of Croatian’s first female president, Her Excellency Kolinda Grabar
  • Established the global social impact school, HER Business School, accredited college by the Ministry of College & Universities. Nominated for the Toronto Star Readers Choice Award 2023. To date, over 500 women have benefited from free basic coding courses and workshops.
  • Scholarship recipient of the Innovation Governance Program (iGP) at the Council of Canadian Innovators (CCI)! 🚀


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