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Just Boardrooms Inc.: Gets You A Meeting Space Whenever and Wherever You Want

Want to host a meeting or have a quick networking with your coworkers and partners? Just Boardrooms, the online marketplace for business meetings, makes it simple to reserve one of hundreds of diverse, eye-catching locations in over 50 Canadian and US cities, that can assist you in closing that significant deal.

Chief Executive Officer of Just Boardrooms, Howard Chang, is also a co-founder of The Turn Lab Inc.  a consultancy led marketing technology company that conceived and incubated Just Boardrooms. The app was launched in 2022 while the desktop website was launched in Spring 2023, and it is essentially a 2 sided online marketplace for those seeking professional meeting spaces and those with space to rent.

“Just Boardrooms is a solution to problems amplified with the COVID 19 pandemic, specifically the growing collaboration deficit amongst remote and hybrid workers and underutilized office space” says Chang 

What They Want to Do?

Just Boardrooms Inc. aims to empower gig workers and enable corporate workers to meet in person more often in clean, professional, private settings and reap the significant benefits. According to Harvard Business Review you are 10 times more likely to close a deal in person than via video conference.

They are opening up new doors to the new world, welcoming the times ahead of us. Just Boardrooms’ mission is to enable modern business professionals to work and collaborate from anywhere by offering a frictionless, on-demand platform for accessing spotless, professional boardrooms and meeting places.

Customer-centric Services

Riding on 20+ years of technology and marketing experience, Just Boardrooms Inc.’s team has a depth of experience building and launching technology platforms and marketing them successfully to brands around the world. Now they bring this expertise to help us get more handshakes in more places.

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