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From Insights to Impact: Maureen’s Tech Leadership at ESTI Revealed

Written by Parmeet Sidhu

Unveil Maureen’s secret to conquering tech on International Women’s Day! Be Inspired!

Imagine a bustling tech conference in the early ’90s, the air charged with the buzz of innovation. Amidst a crowd of eager participants, there’s Sarah, one of the few women in the room, navigating a path in a male-dominated industry. She faces challenges that go beyond just mastering technology—struggling to be heard and acknowledged. Sarah’s story is not unique but a reflection of many women in tech during that era.

Fast forward to the present, and while progress has been made, echoes of Sarah’s experiences still resonate. However, there are beacons of change and empowerment, women who have paved the way for a more inclusive industry.

In this evolving landscape, Maureen stands out. Starting her career at ESTI in 1991, she’s not just witnessed the transformation of the tech industry but has been an integral part of it. Maureen shares, “Back when I was in grade 10, a new course was offered… Computer Science… Halfway through that first year, I was hooked…” This early passion was the genesis of a career that would span over three decades, marked by growth, learning, and mentorship.

Maureen’s journey hasn’t been without its hurdles. Reflecting on her early days, she recalls, “As a woman in the Tech Industry… it was mostly men… It was sometimes strange, lonely, or awkward…” Yet, through resilience and perseverance, Maureen turned these challenges into opportunities, fostering enduring friendships and professional relationships along the way.

Maureen’s journey at ESTI reflects a dynamic career path marked by continuous learning and adaptation. “When I first started, I was hired to provide computer training… That slowly morphed into testing for the software we were developing and doing some of the business analyst work,” she recounts. Today, as she offers Business and Technical Analyst services for clients primarily in the Finance Sector, Maureen’s role is not just about addressing current needs but also about shaping the future. She adds, “Now I am providing…services for a client in the Finance Sector as well as onboarding most of their new analyst hires,” showcasing her pivotal role in guiding new talent and influencing the industry’s next wave.

Observing the tech industry’s evolution, Maureen highlights significant strides toward gender diversity. “There was a time when I would never see a women developer… Now, 20% of the devs are women,” she observes, pointing out the progress yet acknowledging the journey ahead. Her reflections offer a hopeful yet realistic view of the industry’s direction, emphasizing the importance of continued advocacy and action to support women in tech.

Mentorship holds a special place in Maureen’s professional philosophy, underpinning her daily interactions and long-term vision. “In my current role, mentoring is about half of my working days,” Maureen shares, illustrating her commitment to passing on her knowledge and experience. She encourages those entering the field: “If you love change and being challenged, then this is the job for you!” Her words serve as a beacon for aspiring tech professionals, especially women seeking to navigate the industry’s dynamic landscape.

Maureen gazes into the future of tech with a perspective that’s as enlightening as it is cautionary. “The buzz around AI is palpable, teeming with both promise and peril,” she articulates with a mix of wonder and wariness. “It’s not just about the advancements we stand to gain; it’s about steering those advancements responsibly to shape an IT landscape that’s both exciting and ethical.” Her words serve as a clarion call, urging us to embrace the future of AI not just with enthusiasm but with a profound sense of duty and deliberation. This isn’t merely a glimpse into what’s next in tech; it’s a manifesto for mindful innovation.

Maureen’s saga is more than a chronicle of personal achievement; it’s a beacon that illuminates the virtues of resilience, expertise, and mentorship. Her odyssey in the tech realm doesn’t just resonate with women; it echoes across the spectrum of all tech professionals, urging them to champion the cause of diversity and innovation. As we absorb the essence of her journey, let’s not just be passive spectators. Let’s be active participants, advocates, and architects of a tech domain where diversity is not just welcomed; it’s celebrated.

Immerse yourself in Maureen’s compelling narrative and elevate the conversation. How can we, as a collective force, advance diversity and fortify the empowerment of women in tech? Your voice matters. Share your insights, ignite a movement, and be the catalyst for transformative change.


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