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Empowering Progress: BBPA’s Vision for Black Excellence and Entrepreneurial Growth

Happy Black History Month! At the BBPA we remain optimistic and are thrilled with the promise and potential of our community, even amidst the lingering uncertainty being experienced by our businesses.

We are steadfast in our commitment to bridging economic gaps, providing access to capital, and fostering networks. That’s why our programs have proven extremely successful, filled with success stories. In our  Future Forward (Young Professionals)  over 1535 participated;  BAIDS , funded by the FedDev, provided support services to over 600 Black-owned businesses and utilized the professional services of more than 25 Black-owned service providers;  BACEL Training Program  empowered 563 entrepreneurs;  Black Men in Business  engaged 368 participants, and our  2023 Networking Event  at the Globe and Mail Centre featured 20 businesses and 150 participants. The National Scholarship Program has donated more than $6 million to over 3500 students since its inception in 1986. Additionally, the  Black Business Christmas Marketplace  showcased 20 entrepreneurs, offering purposeful Christmas shopping experiences.

Our 4th Annual  National RiseUp Women+ Pitch competition  is underway. This event showcases the potential of Black women entrepreneurs, and with help from generous donors, demonstrates our commitment to supporting entrepreneurial dreams. In 2023, RiseUp received 1700+ applicants with ten women each receiving $10K and another fourteen receiving $2K grants.

Our 42nd Annual  Harry Jerome Awards  takes place on April 27th at the Beanfield Centre; a celebration of Black Excellence honoring 12 remarkable Black Canadians.

Join us for our virtual programs taking place on Saturdays  Community Space,  a financial literacy program promoting generational wealth; on Wednesday’s   Ask A Professional , which spotlights community members, and  BAIDS   Thursdays  offer insights for thriving entrepreneurs.

On February 16th, in partnership with the Globe and Mail, we present a special Black History Month panel discussion, “ Enduring and Thriving despite Adversity – Race in Canada ” blending in-person and virtual interaction at the Globe and Mail Centre.

As we begin a new era for the BBPA, we remain grateful for your generous support and engagement; it is your dedication that fuels our passion to continue to break barriers and achieve lasting change.

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Frances E. Delsol

Vice President of Operations, National Partnerships, Outreach and Procurement at(BBPA)

Frances E. Delsol  is the Vice President of Operations, National Partnerships, Outreach and Procurement at the Business and Professional Association (BBPA). The organization is Canada’s leader in supporting the business, entrepreneurial, professional, and overall social and economic development needs of the Black community.

Frances brings extensive insight and management competence from her experience as a corporate manager. She was a Senior Procurement and Supply Chain manager at Bell Canada. She earned trade accreditations in both the US and Canada and helped to enact and deliver best-in-class procurement strategies at Bell. Her activities included industry representation as the Media Relations Officer in Canada for the Institute of Supply Management (US). Sha also served as Public Relations Officer for the Durham Purchasing Management Association of Canada.

As a community advocate, she has served in several capacities. She was founding President of the Council of Caribbean Associations Canada (CCAC). She is also a Community Influencer, working with the Canadian Armed Forces to help build bridges into all of Canada’s communities.

Frances was acknowledged as one of 2018’s  100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women  in addition to several accolades and awards including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award, RBC’s Canada’s Top 75 Immigrants, the BBPA Woman of Honor Award, AfroGlobal Television Volunteer of the Year Award, and OECS Award of Excellence among many others.  


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