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Cobra Safety: Safe Today, Safer Tomorrow

Picture from Left to Right: Domonique Quirion-Currie, Nisa Karan-Aravinth, and Subanya Karan

A proud Women and BIPOC owned company committed to Safety and Sustainability, Cobra Safety works with organizations large and small to ensure their greatest assets are protected; their people and the planet.

Pride radiates through the very core of Cobra Safety‚Äôs identity as a women-owned, BIPOC company. We stand at the intersection of resilience and diversity, weaving a tapestry of strength through the unique experiences and perspectives of our team.¬† Head of Partnerships and Engagement, Domonique Quirion-Currie says ‚ÄúOur journey is a testament to the power of breaking barriers, defying stereotypes, and embracing the richness that arises from embracing inclusivity‚ÄĚ.¬†

‚ÄúAs trailblazers in the industry, being women-owned and BIPOC-led isn‚Äôt just a facet of our identity‚ÄĒit‚Äôs a source of immense pride. We celebrate the diversity that fuels our innovation and excellence, the strength that propels our success, and the collective voice that shapes our narrative‚ÄĚ, says the Vice President, Subanya Karan. We don‚Äôt just break glass ceilings; we build bridges for others to walk across.

‚ÄúThis industry is very complex, very high risk, and often stressful. We didn‚Äôt choose this as a business opportunity, we were chosen to do this work. We spent decades ourselves growing in the field as employees and senior leaders, getting educated, learning and mastering this craft to be able to do what we do‚ÄĚ, says Nisa Karan-Aravinth, the company‚Äôs President and Principal.¬†


Stay compliant with the law, prevent incidents, avoid orders/charges and enhance safety excellence at your organization through expert delivered training programs and courses.

Whether it is a Ministry mandated training or issue/job-specific training, Cobra Safety has you covered.

Image Courtesy: Cobra Safety


Swift solutions for unforeseen challenges ‚ÄĒ Cobra Safety‚Äôs Advisory/Incident Response Services ensure you‚Äôre not just prepared, but one step ahead when the unexpected knocks. Turning incidents into opportunities for resilience.


Navigating the path to success together‚ÄĒOur consulting services blend expertise with innovation, guiding you to new heights in the ever-changing health, safety and sustainability landscape. Your vision, our expertise.

Professional Services 

Our professional staffing services connect you with the right expertise to ensure compliance and expertise. Whether its permanent or fractional, we obtain and groom our talent in-house to ensure nothing short of high-reliability and excellence.

Leading by Example, our commitment to Sustainability 

Cobra Safety makes a 0.5% revenue contribution to the elimination of carbon.

To combat climate change, removing CO2 from the atmosphere is essential, but present technology is not keeping up with this need. Cobra Safety donates a portion of each sale to the development of breakthrough carbon removal technology.

Follow this link   to learn more about how Cobra Safety can support you.

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