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Business Woman of the Month: Monica Kretschmer

Monica Kretschmer is the Founder and CEO of the Universal Womens Network™, the Women of Inspiration™ Awards and SupportHER™ elevating allies to the conversation to advance women in business. She is the host of the Women of Inspiration™ Podcast and the publisher of the UWomen Magazine™ and Women of Inspiration™ Book.

Monica is a visionary and trailblazer who believes your story does not define you, it empowers you. She refers to her personal story of resilience as the “Seven Year Journey”. The 4800 hours of litigation and 22 days trail in family court inspired her to create the Women of Inspiration™ Awards and the Universal Womens Network™.

Since launching in 2014, Monica has broken traditional barriers and silos by embracing equity, diversity and inclusion. She has been recognized as one of 10 Top LinkedIn Voices for Gender Equity in North America, as a Business in Calgary Business Leader, an Alberta Flood Hero by the Premier of Alberta and she has been acknowledged for her work with a UN Women’s Initiative Award.

During the pandemic, Monica published the first edition of the Women of Inspiration™ book – Women Driving Change featuring 100 inspiring women from diverse industries. The celebration of the book included the launch of graphics trucks travelling across North America with the faces of contributors.

A Trailblazer of Women’s Rights in North America

Women’s empowerment, especially in the Canadian business community ecosystem, is a burning issue that is vital to increasing women’s participation in the entrepreneurial field. One woman entrepreneur who is at the vanguard of the emancipation of female entrepreneurship, advocating for gender quality, and trailblazing to inspiring change by welcome men to the conversation as SupportHER™ (male allies) is none other than Monica Kretschmer, the founder and CEO of Universal Womens Network™ Inc. She has recently been recognized as the Business Woman of the Month for the April edition by CanadianSME Magazine. Her exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment have positioned her as a prominent figure in the gender equality movement in North America.

Monica Kretschmer is the driving force behind the Women of Inspiration™ Awards, which celebrates the achievements of women who inspire and motivate across diverse industries. Her company, Universal Womens Network™, is a purpose-driven media platform committed to promoting gender equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) by acknowledging female leaders, male allies, and top companies that champion these values.

Image Courtesy: Universal Womens Network™️

A Journey of Innovation: Overcoming Challenges to Achieve Success

Monica Kretschmer’s path to becoming a trailblazer in the realm of gender equality is characterized by her unwavering resilience and unwavering determination. With her firsthand experience, she has developed a framework to inspire women and foster their growth. With a focus on unlocking the ripple effect to advance women through recognition, media, learning opportunities, and collaborative alliances, she has transformed Universal Womens Network™ into an influential platform dedicated to promoting progress in workplaces, communities, and networks worldwide. Her story is a source of inspiration for many women who are determined to overcome obstacles and reach their highest potential.

Empowering Women: A Global Mission

Universal Womens Network™ is driven by a powerful mission to empower women worldwide. With a focus on recognition, media, and education, Monica Kretschmer and her team are making significant strides in advancing the agenda for gender equality. With the Women of Inspiration™ Awards, they bring attention to accomplished women in various fields, representing diverse backgrounds, ages, and career stages. In addition, the SupportHER™ initiative acknowledges the valuable contributions of male allies in promoting gender equality. Working alongside their partners, Universal Womens Network™ is creating a powerful impact that is reshaping workplaces, communities, and societies on a grand scale including International SupportHER™ Day the first Friday in June Annual as workplaces, communities and networks take one action to champion for a woman to succeed.

Image Courtesy: Universal Womens Network™️

Championing Change: Collaborating for Impact

Beyond public acknowledgment, Monica Kretschmer aspires to help bring about real transformation in the norms and practices of organizations. Universal Womens Network™ is making strides towards gender equality via its strategic alliances with worldwide companies that are dedicated to empowering women. They are paving the way for more inclusive and supportive workplaces for women by actively promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) programs. Their joint effort exemplifies the power of unity in overcoming structural obstacles and building a better future for everyone.

Finally, the leadership demonstrated by Monica Kretschmer at Universal Womens Network™ serves as a prime example of how commitment, tenacity, and cooperation can bring about significant change. Her designation as the Business Woman of the Month serves as a model for both men and women, serving as a poignant reminder that a more equitable and inclusive world can be constructed for forthcoming generations through collaborative efforts.

Learn more about Universal Womens Network™, Women of Inspiration Awards and how your company can be a visible SupportHER™ by taking a tour of their official website  here.

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