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Business Woman of the Month: Larissa Crawford

A Journey of Intersectional Impact: Larissa Crawford, Founder of Future Ancestors Services

Larissa Crawford is a remarkable figure in the realm of social entrepreneurship and advocacy, embodying the essence of transformative change. Larissa possesses a rich and diverse identity, drawing from her Métis and Jamaican ancestry, which she passes onto her 7-year-old daughter, Zyra. She excels in various roles, including being a restorative circle keeper and an acclaimed ribbon skirt artist. However, her true impact lies in her leadership of Future Ancestors Services, a youth-led social enterprise that is reshaping the concepts of equity, climate justice, and anti-racism.

Future Ancestors Services: Building on Ancestral Accountability and Climate Justice

The anti-racism and ancestral responsibility concept is central to Larissa Crawford’s worldview. More than a mere consultant, Future Ancestors Services represents a sea change. Larissa runs a diverse business that provides a range of services, including training, consultancy, speaking engagements, and research, via intergenerational, disability, and queer staff. Their dedication to decolonized and Indigenized practices is what distinguishes them. Constantly challenging established norms, they reimagine the connections between climate justice and diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Unparalleled Insight: Larissa’s One-of-a-Kind Triumph

Larissa’s viewpoint is shaped by her life experiences as a young mother, a survivor, an Indigenous and Black woman, and someone with a handicap related to chronic pain. These aspects give her a distinct perspective, which she uses to question established narratives and provide a voice to the voiceless. With her unwavering support for these voices, Future Ancestors Services has become a centre for true inclusion and representation, going beyond simple symbolism.

The Impact and Acknowledgment of Larissa’s Trailblazing Role

Larissa has received numerous accolades that speak to the significant impact she has made. These include the York University One to Watch Alumni Award and Top 30 Under 30 Alumni, Pollution Probe Equity in Sustainability Award, recognition in Complex Canada’s 20 Creators Who Will Shape the Next 20 Years of The Culture, and being named one of Women of Influence’s Top 25. These honours highlight the extent of her influence and accomplishments. Her talent for connecting corporations with the communities she truly cares about is evident through her notable partnerships with global businesses like Merrell, Nike, and The Body Shop.

Business Woman of the Month: Larissa Crawford
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Larissa Crawford has made it a priority to foster inclusive spaces where diverse narratives can thrive. Through her efforts, she transforms Future Ancestors Services into a platform for driving social change, going beyond mere consultation and challenging the systems that uphold inequality. Her work demonstrates a unique perspective on business that integrates activism, empathy, and strategic thinking. This new generation of entrepreneurs is driven by more than just financial gain; they are committed to creating a meaningful and long-lasting influence on society.

Larissa Crawford’s ability to inspire others and drive inclusive change sets her apart as more than just an entrepreneur. Her visionary approach promises a lasting impact that will resonate for years to come. Larissa’s explorations of anti-racism, ancestral responsibility, and climate justice are leaving a lasting impact on the world. She is not only making a difference in the present but also sowing the seeds for a future where the stories of all individuals are acknowledged and appreciated.

Check out the official website  here  to learn more about Larissa’s services and ongoing projects.

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