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Business Woman Of The Month: Angela Podolsky

There’s a lot of in-depth contemplation and a wider hue & cry on the significance of emotional intelligence in the realm of business conduction. And this is why you need experts like Angela Podolsky, who stand out as a beacon of expertise in the realm of non-verbal communication. As the founder and CEO of Kinesics Consulting, she has meticulously created a platform that enables professionals at all levels of the corporate hierarchy to utilize body language and non-verbal cues for exceptional success.

The CanadianSME Business Magazine has decided to honour her with the esteemed title of Business Woman of the Month for its December edition. This comes in light of her immense contributions to the business community in Canada, and we admire her resilience and strength.

Business Woman Of The Month: Angela Podolsky

Achieving Non-Verbal Excellence Through Innovation

Angela Podolsky’s journey as a behaviour analyst and non-verbal communication expert is characterized by her unwavering dedication and commitment. She has a wide range of experience working with international companies, where she uses her expertise to improve sales, negotiation tactics, and presentation skills. Her credibility in her field is demonstrated by the fact that she has been invited to teach at esteemed institutions such as McGill University and the John Molson School of Business.

Business Woman Of The Month: Angela Podolsky

Unveiling the Power of Kinesics

Kinesics aims to provide professionals, regardless of their experience level, with the skills and finesse needed for effective non-verbal communication. Kinesics is a field that focuses on understanding body language and non-verbal cues. By studying these intricacies, Kinesics helps in quickly building rapport, delivering impactful presentations, conducting successful negotiations, and boosting sales.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Angela’s ethos revolves around empowering individuals through knowledge. Kinesics explores more than just traditional skill-building. It delves into the intricacies of intonation, micro-expressions, and the ability to detect deception. These insights not only increase self-awareness but also strengthen external branding by ensuring consistent messages, ultimately leading to long-term revenue growth for businesses.

A Trailblazer in Mentorship and Recognition

Angela’s dedication to promoting entrepreneurship and engaging with the community is evident. Her dedication to nurturing the next generation of business leaders is evident through her involvement as a mentor and judge at events such as Startup Weekends and Business Incubators. Her commitment has not gone unnoticed, as she has earned the prestigious 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Jewish Chamber of Commerce. This award is a testament to her business acumen and influential presence in the community.

Angela Podolsky’s recognition as the Business Woman of the Month by CanadianSME Business Magazine showcases her unwavering commitment to excellence and the significant contributions she has made in the field of non-verbal communication. Through her mastery of Kinesics, she consistently challenges and transforms the traditional notions of success. With each non-verbal cue, she leaves a lasting impact on the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary business dynamics. To benefit from Angela’s corporate training, keynote, nonverbal communication certification and consulting, click  here. 

Join Angela Podolsky on her upcoming podcast called Communication Secrets, which is all about unveiling effective tips on business leadership and business communications. Click the link  here.

Here, Angela will peel off the layers of what great communication is all about, busting some myths whilst providing techniques for you to become a veritable and inspiring communicator. Support their mission by subscribing, sharing, and commenting. You can alternatively tune in  here.

Business Woman Of The Month: Angela Podolsky

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